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PA State GEAR UP is proud to have served students and families in Allentown, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia during its second grant cycle (2008-2014). PA State GEAR UP students, parents, and educators have achieved so much over the years, and we are thrilled to highlight some of their accomplishments!


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  • Allentown-GEAR UP students are excited to start their day at the Your Future is Now Conference which was held on November 15, 2013! This college and career readiness conference is sponsored in part by the PA State GEAR UP Grant and is held annually at Lehigh Carbon Community College. [Photo courtesy of Marco Calderon]

  • Harrisburg-GEAR UP students smile for the camera before starting their SAT Prep classes while attending the GEAR UP University Summer Program held at West Chester University.

  • GEAR UP students from Furness High School taking part in Philadelphia-GEAR UP's College Bowl activities.

  • An Allentown-GEAR UP student learns more information about Kutztown University while attending a college fair at the Your Future Is Now Conference. The conference was held at Lehigh Carbon Community College on November 15, 2013. [Photo courtesy of Marco Calderon]

  • GEAR UP students from Furness High School learning more about financial aid during a Financial Aid 101 Workshop.

  • Danielle Martin, former Harrisburg-GEAR UP’s Direct Service Coordinator, stands with a GEAR UP student in celebration of her participation in the GEAR UP University Summer Program.

  • GEAR UP students from Furness High School taking part in a workshop while visiting West Chester University.